Art auctions at Art for Broken Heart

Art for Broken Heart – Charity Event,10.11.2016, Casino urban culture center, Cluj

Over 200 children, adolescents and young people abandoned by their parents, who have suffered physical and psychological abuse or come from very poor families will be able to have hope for a better life with the help of money raised in the auction Art for Broken Heart, the de- 4th edition.

Along with organizers of the Alfa Group Association, painters of Cluj and children with artistic talent have donated their artworks for a chance to education, harmonious and healthy development of the abandoned children of the underprivileged and young people who are leaving the care system.

Wishing to bring support and a smile to those young people, at the charity event also attended the workshop  Jitariu Studio represented by five children who wanted to donate a painting performed under the guidance of artist Anca Jitariu.

In order to sustain the cause of Art for Broken Heart event through painting and emotions, “I am here” painting was specially created by the artist Anca Jitariu, knowing that it will have a visual impact on those who were coming to this event.

In the first edition, Anca Jitariu fondly attended along with another personal artwork specially chosen for the same cause. (the painting title”What Tears can Bring”- oil on canvas, 2013).

Donated works of Jitariu Studio workshop (all works have been successfully auctioned and sold):

“OVERLAYS COLOR” Author: Krisztina Moldovan (9 years) Technique: collage on canvas
“IN DREAM” Author: Vencel Szatmari (10 years) Technique: acrylic on canvas
“WE PROTECT YOU” Author: Sophia Cătană (9 years) Technique: painting on glass
“THE CLIFFS VALLEY” Author: Diana Fărcaş (13 years) Technique: acrylic on cardboard
“CREATOR” Author: Dalia Uțiu (17 years) Technique: acrylic on canvas
“I AM HERE” Artist: Anca Jitariu Gliga Technique: acrylic on canvas
“WHAT TEARS CAN BRING?” Artist: Anca Jitariu Gliga Technique: oil on canvas

Alzheimer’s in the Frame exhibition

                        Artwork title ‘Betty S. Robinson’-artist Anca Jitariu

In collaboration with Draw Events, organisers of the Alzheimer’s Shows and the Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy (BAT) Foundation, the collective and also artists joined together to help raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The event present an exclusive artwork display called ‘Memorable Icons’, a collection of famous people portraits affected by dementia as Terry Pratchett,  Betty Schwartz and Jack Lord. The Memorable Icons Series, a unique art exhibition of exceptional portraits was a selection of original artworks in different techniques created  by a range of highly acclaimed and talented artists – along with Anca Jitariu, Anna Carter, Lesley Ennis and Robert Adam.

Alzheimer’s in the Frame project – including ‘Betty Schwartz (née Robinson)’ oil painting – artist Anca Jitariu
 Betty became the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in run track, 1928
We invite you to see and read about her historical success and incredible story: watch video here / read about Betty R. Schwartz
‘Alzheimer’s in the Frame – Memorable Icons’ – exhibition with private view at prestigious Gallery Elena Shchukina, Mayfair, London
and second viewing at Alzheimer’s Show, Olympia Center, London
(16  artworks, mixed media)
At Olympia, London
At Olympia, London
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TV show invitation in March

Anca Jitariu Interview,  TV moderator Raluca Ghita

Handmade decorations for March by artist Anca Jitariu  

TV show Ziua Buna – LookPlus TV, Cluj Napoca

(national broadcast)

TV show invitation

Anca Jitariu Interview,  TV moderator Raluca Ghita

Handmade Christmas decorations by artist Anca Jitariu  

TV show Ziua Buna – LookPlus TV, Cluj Napoca

(national broadcast)

Contest 25 Dec. 2015

Participation in this contest is free

Contest rules and conditions:

  • The contest runs until December 25th, 2015
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The prizes:

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 Jitariu Studio contest have qualified and won the following participants:

Balogh Julia

Bitica Raluca

Dan Razvan Daniel

Dehenes Adela

Ferenczi Noemi

Marchis Andreea Bianca

Miron Andreea

Pop Camelia

Tcaciuc Anisoara

Vajda Levente

Congratulations to all!

*The participants who have qualified to this contest vs. the associated prizes of the winners held through Random program

*Winners’ names were listed alphabetically and not in order of their won

RiverFest Cluj 2015

2015 –  RiverFest –  first edition 

Life music and art

handmade decorations / face-body painting demo / kids workshop of the artist Anca Jitariu  

At Stumps Park, Cluj Napoca

(free entry)
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Curator of the -Strung Expressions- exhibition

Strung Expressions presents a series of artworks describing the multiple pictorial interpretations of the Cluj landscape.

The promenade of paintings belong to the 6 talented young learners aged 5 to 18 years, which were guided in the fine arts by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu (Gliga).

This event has the role to promote young people who express their creativity through painting and drawing, thereby enchanting the general public with chromatic performances dedicated to the European Youth Capital, Cluj-Napoca.

2015 –  Strung Expressions – learners: Stefania Marchis, Patrick Marc, Vanessa Vultur, Ana Nica, Diana Farcas, Edina Steuer

Painting exhibition organised and curated by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu  

Bastion urban culture center, Cluj Napoca

(over 30  paintings, mixed media)

Curator of the -Identity- exhibition

Identity  is the second painting exhibition of young Edina Steuer, after attending the painting and drawing courses  within Jitariu Studio creative workshop.

The exhibited artworks comprise a series of female figures that reveal details of influences both from different popular cultures, as well as describing through color of imaginary fragments filtered through the affective reaction.

2014 –  Identity – artist Edina Steuer

Painting exhibition organised and curated by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu  

Central Park Casino, Cluj Napoca

(15  paintings, mixed media)

Curator of the -15 Tabs of color- exhibition

15 Tabs of Color reveal a course with influences of international painting from different artistic currents.

The recesses of the personal effects of the young Edina Steuer were supported and coordinated by the artist Anca Jitariu.

2013 –  15 Tabs of Color – artist Edina Steuer

Painting exhibition organised and curated by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu  

Bastion urban culture center, Cluj Napoca

(15  paintings, mixed media)
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2012 Solo Painting Exhibition

The series of works comprises a chromatic range inspired from the classical music world painted by the rhythm of decorative forms,but also absorbing elements of nature through details of textures and visual effects.

Artist statement: “Every painting and detail of it and can frequently change the scenery of a current emotion, so it is something unique if you can feel and share such emotions to others, especially as an artist” – Anca Jitariu

2012 – Interpreted reality – artist Anca Jitariu

Painting Exhibition at Central Park Casino in Cluj, Romania

(14 abstract paintings, mixed media)

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