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Artist Statement

My Story

Art has been a part of my family for the past three generations. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all passioned about painting and craftsmanship. My father was the one that thought me to appreciate the beauty of the world and, more importantly, showed me how to express that through my art. He inspired me and helped nurture a true love for beaux-arts.

I played with different concepts and techniques in an attempt to define my style. For a while, my desire and goal were to create a harmonious blend, on canvas, wood or wall, between realistic and abstract elements. Defining my unique signature was an insightful and soul-searching process, but it led me to better know my artistic self and gave me the clarity to recognise that my art revolves around classic details, with spontaneous large shapes in portraiture, landscape, still life and abstract compositions.

Early in my career, I was drawn to the Byzantine painting and this interest soon became an enabler to one of the projects most dear to my heart – painting Byzantine icons and alsecco for a church that quickly became a landmark in the area. This opened the door to countless mural art projects and painting exhibitions all across Romania.

More recently, I had the privilege to exhibit my work as part of the ‘Alzheimer’s In the Frame’ project at Elena Shchukina Gallery in London and to attend a fundraising event with a themed painting (1928 gold medalist – portrait) at The Alzheimer’s Show, Olympia Center, UK.

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