an hour or subscription


for the beginner or advance

"This course program is dedicated to one person per session/subscription. Every week, at every art class, they are with you for every color spot, every choice and question. "

Artist Anca Jitariu Gliga

What does a masterclass contain?

Painting or graphics, with the directions to the custom in the studio for 2 hours.
Presentation and correct use of materials from the studio, depending on the selection for painting or graphics.
A topic chosen by the artist/student in which the necessary steps and indications are step by step explained and exemplified until the work is finished.
Intensive preparation for the selection of sessions for artistic performance (admission, practical exams, etc.)

Take part in the 3 Masterclasses, and you'll get:

I love art and sharing experiences through this special form of communication.

Out of the desire to meet art-loving people and to promote the authentic culture of this field, I chose to create painting and drawing course programs that are as suitable as possible for the human personality. From small to large, to practice or to relax, the art classes in my workshop help you find out what you want to become.

Here are just a few benefits of this Workshop:

1. Disconnection for two hours per session or a subscription of five sessions

2. The development of emotional and creative personality

3. The artistic experience that will bring you an additional visual memory that deserves to be exhibited in your own home or that of your loved ones.

The program of the course is devoted to one person at each meeting of the membership.
So, my full concentration throughout the course of the two-hour class art are reserved exclusively for an individual, provided one time per week in my shop.

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