What does a workshop contain?

Take part in 3 Workshops, and you'll get:

With love and longing, I have brought back to the workshop program, the painting and drawing course for the group of adults.

It's a unique concept, as a method of communication, it is customized for each student.
Why a weekend workshop?

At the end of the program is loaded, and some of the other weekend we're traveling through one of the corners of the country. So, we picked the one day of the weekend to share the art and the beautiful, the excitement of creativity.

Here are just a few benefits as a result of this the Art of Workshops:

1. Logout time-three hours

2. Development the intense and creative

3. Memory the visual, through the works of art, highly prized in their own home or that of your loved ones

The Workshop is held on a Saturday
(subject to availability)

How do I sign up?

Registration by whatsapp or your e-mail address with the following details:

Name and Name

Age and date of birth

Phone no. and your e-mail address

- Painting and/or graphics

How much does it cost?

1 session: 3 hours

Price: 35$ 0

No. the maximum number of seats: 6

All materials are included.

(at the workshop a sweet will be served with a coffee/tea)

Age: 20+

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