Painting an Imagination

Custom services

Live Painting at your Event

An artistic experience that will surprise the guests, and the whole family

Your own piece of art created during the ceremony is a brand new concept brought to the attention of the protagonists in the event you've been waiting for.

Unlike some of the entertainment that it just stops at the end of the party, the painting is done during the event, becomes a memory, palpable to a ripe old age, in addition to that, it remains a true family heirloom.

Discover the cultural experience to a new level, and I feel like the artist and I'm going to share it live with joy, a moment worthy of a fan of this day, all of the guests who are there for you.

The artist's own vision in oil and acrylic on canvas

The vision of the artist Anca Jitariu Gliga

My vision is deeply inspired by nature and the complexity of human emotions. Through my work I try to capture the essence of the moments, and to explore the relationship between light and dark, both in nature and in our hearts. I believe that art has the power to communicate beyond words, and to create an emotional connection between the people. In each creation, I want to pass on a part of the universe, in my heart, inviting the viewer to reflect, and to make his own experiences and insights.

Secular and byzantine art

The personal and group projects of the artist's Anca Jitariu Gliga

The icons and the art of wall holds a special place in my heart, as expressions of the spirit and the tradition that transcends time. When I am painting icons, respecting the canons of the byzantine empire, while retaining the symbolism, and the specific techniques such as the use of gold foil and pigments that are real. The process of making of an icon is pensive and the sacred, each of the brush strokes applied to the wood, is a prayer itself.

Custom portraits and reproductions of works

Anca Jitariu Gliga wants the art to be a reflection of the individuality of each client. By working closely with you, it will translate your ideas and desires into personalized works of art, which not only beautify the space, but also bring a personal touch. Each and every custom order is treated with care and love, ensuring that the end result is a unique piece that tells a unique story.

Book illustrations

Anca Jitariu Gliga also offers book illustrations, personalized and high quality, transforming the stories into captivating visual works. With a collaborative approach and a diversity of stylistic and impressive, each project perfectly reflects the author's vision