Painting Courses

Painting and drawing courses!

Drawing and painting courses Jitariu Studio

Painting is an educational form where children can easily assimilate information. Along with different teaching skills, they will be able to develop emotional, creative and a strong personality.

Painting therapy is a source of communication through color, a method for assessing children’s creativity at each stage of their age. Also, for those who have stressed day time, it can reveal their inspiration mode, detachment stage, creative mind, and more skills in painting and drawing techniques.

Drawing and painting courses are taught by artist Anca Jitariu Gliga.

“ADMISSION or HOBBY, take a sketchbook and get ready to step into this wonderful world, I will be there to guide you every step of the way!”

Painting courses for:

– Children (8-10 years)

– Teenagers (11-19 years)

– Adults (over 20 years)

Choose courses painting:

– Individually (1 student)

– Group (8 students)

* desire for performance regarding the attention given to each learner requires a small number of participants


Monday – Friday

*the session is confirmed at least one day before.

Painting exhibitions for our students every year.

(artworks displaying, press releases, art curator, flyers, posters)

For further details please feel free to contact me HERE

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