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Feb 22

The story about my ‘M’

The loss of our dear ones, and the difficult but also the happiest moments in my personal life had a...
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Oct 21

Alzheimer’s In The Frame Exhibition

An exclusive collection of 16 original portraits of famous icons with dementia has been created for The Alzheimer’s Show by...
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Aug 21

My painting in the Sentiment art project at Bickerton Grace Gallery, London

I recently accepted a new challenge, as part of the Sentiment Collection, to create a piece that could describe me...
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Jul 18

My art has been published in SPOTLIGHT Magazine

So excited to be among these amazing artists from all over the world. Check out my oil painting on Page 37!...
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Oct 17

Parallax Art Fair-OCTOBER

Some time ago, I was invited to one of the largest art festivals in Europe, the Parallax Art Fair in...
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Nov 16

Art auctions at Art for Broken Heart

Art for Broken Heart - 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Over 200 children, adolescents and young people abandoned by their...
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Jun 15

RiverFest Cluj 2015

2015 -  RiverFest -  first edition  Life music and art handmade decorations / face-body painting demo / kids workshop of...
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May 15

Curator of the -Strung Expressions- exhibition

Strung Expressions presents a series of artworks describing the multiple pictorial interpretations of the Cluj landscape. The promenade of paintings...
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Oct 14

Curator of the -Identity- exhibition

Identity  is the second painting exhibition of young Edina Steuer, after attending the painting and drawing courses  within Jitariu Studio...
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Jul 13

Curator of the -15 Tabs of color- exhibition

15 Tabs of Color reveals a course with influences of international painting from different artistic currents. The recesses of the...
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