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Art auctions at Art for Broken Heart

Art for Broken Heart – 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Over 200 children, adolescents and young people abandoned by their parents, who have suffered physical and psychological abuse or come from very poor families will be able to have hope for a better life with the help of money raised in the auction event – Art for Broken Heart.

Along with Alfa Grup Association and Jitariu Art Studio, talented artists donated their paintings for a chance to education, harmonious and healthy development of the abandoned children & underprivileged young people who are leavingin  the care system.

Through dedication and true emotion, the cause of the Art for Broken Heart editions was successfully supported, together were created and donated beautiful paintings, including those signed by Anca Jitariu Gliga –¬†“What Tears can Bring”, “I am here”, “Traveler”, “It’s me” and “Edelweiss”

Over 50 works were auctioned and bought by art lovers, and the amount was donated 100% for the cause represented by the Association.


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