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Curator of the -Strung Expressions- exhibition

Strung Expressions presents a series of artworks describing the multiple pictorial interpretations of the Cluj landscape.

The promenade of paintings belong to the 6 talented young learners aged 5 to 18 years, which were guided in the fine arts by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu (Gliga).

This event has the role to promote young people who express their creativity through painting and drawing, thereby enchanting the general public with chromatic performances dedicated to the European Youth Capital, Cluj-Napoca.

2015 –  Strung Expressions – learners: Stefania Marchis, Patrick Marc, Vanessa Vultur, Ana Nica, Diana Farcas, Edina Steuer

Painting exhibition organised and curated by artist/coord. Anca Jitariu  

Bastion urban culture center, Cluj Napoca

(over 30  paintings, mixed media)

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