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My painting in the Sentiment art project at Bickerton Grace Gallery, London

I recently accepted a new challenge, as part of the Sentiment Collection, to create a piece that could describe me the best as an artist, so I decided to showcase the various facets of my life: fine artist, teacher, woman, and mother. I selected a large canvas for this special project, acrylic, oil colors, and a 3D gold contour liner. After I finished the painting, I felt that the best title for this work, especially since I already knew that it will be divided into 1000 pieces, it has to be ‘The Missing Piece’.  I am sure that every puzzle piece will find its owner who maybe will find themselves also in the story and if so, everyone will be part of this amazing sharing and connecting through the medium of art.

The Bickerton Grace Gallery is celebrating Sentiment with 100 Artists who will all be creating their piece of Sentiment with us and will finish with an exhibition and book.

Anne-Marie Bickerton

Read more about my profile page at Bickerton Grace Gallery.

The idea and the story behind ‘The Missing Piece’ artwork

I started with the idea to paint an Asian woman figure who travels from the past, living in the present day and also looking for the glowing future. The details for HER were inspired by all the women I have met until today, after I gathered all the pieces, along with those perfect shades of colors created my vision of the iconic woman.

I did ponder upon how to best illustrate the journey of women – from discovering their femininity, to standing up for their rights, all the way through to discovering that they can challenge the norms and choose if they want to live their lives as mothers, wives, professionals or all of the above.

The painting portraits the image of an empowered woman in the midst of her spiritual journey, travelling from the East – the mosaics of Ancient Greece – all the way to the Byzantine style of the West.

Each color frame represents a different state of mind – anxiety, fear, hope, doubt, peace, empathy, love, sorrow. All of these feelings are ‘living’ together inside a woman’s heart and mind and are building up her character. They’re making her whole.

Over the past few months, I have painted this colorful journey as a remembrance of all that inspired me until today. It can be overwhelming when you create something with so meaningful message, from a simple spot of color to a complex composition, but always with a touch of personal emotion. Specially created for this so inspirational project, I want that the main message of my work to be about a woman with a sensitive, gentle soul, but at the same time strong and confident.

As we’re going through one of the most challenging and uncertain times, I hope that this work, divided into 1000 pieces of art, will inspire in a positive way and share love through this art form.

The final work

Photo made by Bickerton Grace Gallery

Instagram video of how Anne-Marie received the artist work

Instagram video made by the gallery

Purchase one or more from 1000 unique pieces

Each piece is mounted on a 24-carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold running through. This connects all the pieces together and to the artist and in turn all the owners in the Sentiment collection.

Framed in a black wooden box frame, signed and numbered ready to share and be collected.

By creating and dividing into pieces this stunning artwork delivers a truly amazing bond between family, friends, and fellow art lovers alike. The receiver of this limited edition unique collectible piece of art will forever be joined to a special group of individuals fortunate to become a part of the Sentiment vision and journey from dream to reality. 

Bickerton Grace Gallery

This Sentimental journey has already begun. Celebrities, Actors, World-famous musicians, Sports personalities, Designers and Art lovers have begun to connect and already hold a piece of this Sentimental story having a real and true understanding of human connection through this medium.

There is no truer gift than the gift of ‘Sentiment’.

Every piece is individually signed and numbered.

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