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The story about my ‘M’

The loses of our dear ones, the difficult but also the happiest moments from my personal life had a deep impact in my career as an artist. All the experiences made a way to a soul-searching process that helped me to create this large portrait made up from several faces. It is, in fact, a jigsaw puzzle of the states of suffering people. In this case, who are suffering of Alzhaimer’s disease.

A project that was started with BAT Foundation from London, that now, with the help of this meaningful work, I hope that I will be able to increase the awareness of this terrible disease. It was so exciting to see an entire community involved in improving the lives of those who needed support. I really want to see such an action in Romania as well.

After one year of research and a series of in-depth drawings about the Altzaimer’s disease, I selected a suite of portraits of a few patients who have suffered from this illness.

The first person to be diagnosed with Alzhaimer’s disease was back in 1906. Her name was Auguste Deter, and the most incredible thing for me is that now over 100 years later, we still wouldn’t be able to offer her a treatment to slow or stop the disease.

Here is all about the discovery of Alzheimer’s disease

Auguste Deter was my main inspiration from my research and the beginning for this work. Her portrait can be seen in the space between the old man’s eyes. This old man also describes a part from my family, the resemblance of my grandparents who had the blue of the sky in their eyes, the warm look and the sincere smile. I named this portrait M, and the title of the whole work is quite descriptive, ‘Unforgettable’.  Once you can observe all the clear faces in the M’s portrait, you can also see from his wrinkles other less obvious faces. Each small portrait is connected by those lines of wrinkles, this could be discovered by each viewer.

Overall, when you look from a distance, you can see M face with his innocent smile in a positive way given by the all the details and reflections of the gold leaf in the background of the canvas. With a lot of neurological symbols, connections of the brain with the shape of human silhouettes, it emphasizes the concept and harmoniously links this metaphorical puzzle.

It took me 2 years to create the whole thing, but it was so beautiful and overwhelming to work on every little detail. The goal remains important for me, to create emotions, beautiful memories and especially hope in the viewers’ eyes.

What do I want to happen with my artwork?

We are in times like we never thought we would be, but that gives me even more strength, because I know that good people will sift through and they will seek humanity and authenticity.

Due to these times, I postponed or even canceled many of the events and trips, which is why I decided to keep the work UNFORGETTABLE, for the time being, in my studio. But in the meantime, if the opportunity arises to find the right place, I am open to the idea of exhibiting the work in order to promote through art the awareness of the neurological condition, Alzheimer’s and not only that cause. In conclusion, painting supports the cause of any emotional or mental experience.

My greatest desire is to exhibit this painting with the intention of being auctioned off to raise funds for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. My wish may seem intangible. I dare to dream because this is the only way I can begin what I set out to do. I invite you to the idea of trying together to find those people, that place and that moment.

I know that art has become one of the safest investments, especially during the period of financial instability.

You have to have serious cash to participate in an auction, and even then you do not have the guarantee that you will get what you want. The good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to Grigorescu, Luchian or Patrascu: you can also focus on works of art signed by contemporary Romanian artists.


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